Tag Trek service

What’s offering Tag Trek?

Tag Trek is a service that allows you to monitor the presence of your competitors on the web.
At any time, you can get the updated list of sites where your competitors are present. You receive a daily alert you with new sites that have integrated the services you observe.

The service I want to track is not in the list

When you open the « add service » popup, you can enter the service you want. If it is not in our database. A message « Service not found » and a button « Suggest it » appear. By clicking this button you can fill out a form with the name of the service, a sample site on which it is present, and a sample (HTML or JS) to help us to more easily detect it.
By completing this form, we will receive your suggestion and deal with it as soon as possible so that you have access to this service.

How does Tag Trek work?

Tag Trek « crawls » (scans) a large database of sites to detect services integrated to these sites.
If by browsing a website, Tag Trek detects a link to a site that is not in its database, it adds the site to the database. Thus the size of the database is constantly increasing.

I don’t receive mails from Tag Trek.

We send emails to the address that you used to login.
If this address is correct, check that our messages are not sent to your spam!

How many services are referenced on Tag Trek?

The number of referenced services is constantly increasing.
We have for some time past the thousand services.

How to know if a service is referenced on Tag Trek?

Enter the name of your service in the main field of research. If your service appears in the list, it means that it is referenced!

Tag Trek payments

What are the available methods of payment?

On Tag Trek, it is possible to pay by credit card or by using PayPal.
Payment by invoice is also possible at an additional cost (please contact us).

Can we pay by invoice instead of CB/Paypal?

Payment by invoice is available at an extra cost of 50€ (please contact us).

Does Tag trek supply bills?

After ordering, you will receive a confirmation email and an invoice directly from Paypal.